Wednesday, July 3, 2013

When was the last time you had it?

When was the last time you had it?  High school?  College?  Remember what it was like?  How good it felt?

I am speaking of course about a fit & healthy body.

For me it was high school.  I was chubby growing up.  Lots of hoodies and baggy jeans.  Then in high school I started to stretch out.  I dabbled with wrestling, cross country, and cycling.  Then in 11th grade I got involved with a recreational gymnastics class at a local club.  Nothing competitive, but I was there 3-4 time per week, working out and having fun.  Best shape of my life.

It's been downhill ever since.

Not because anything in particular happened that prevented me from pursuing health and fitness.  I left home, went to college, met my wife, got married.  Real life in progress.  But as far as fitness & health goes, I never set any serious goals for myself.  And like the man said, if you aim at nothing, you'll hit every time.  [citation needed - I have no idea who said it]

We get to a certain age and we start to let go of those ideas we once had for ourselves.  We accept the loss.  Why is that?  Old habits that won't die?  Too much history going away from an ideal?  We've taught ourselves that because we've spent so many years going one direction, it's too hard to turn around now; we've learned that because it hasn't happened yet, it's probably not gonna happen any time soon, if ever.

We just happen to be wrong.

What would you think if I suggested that the best shape of your life was in fact ahead of you, not behind you?  Seem daunting?  Impossible?  Fantasy?  Not on your life!  I'm here to tell you it is possible to turn the ship around.

Okay, full disclosure.  I'm not there yet, not by a long shot.  I still have goals I'm pursuing with regard to musculature and endurance capacity.  What I can tell you is that I weigh less now than I did when I graduated from high school.  The difference is, now I know my goal, and I know what I need to do to make it happen.

Wanna join me?

If you've accepted the loss of an idea you once had of yourself, a "you" you once believed was possible, contact me.  I'm a Health Coach with Take Shape For Life, and I'm telling you it is possible to turn it around.  In fact, it's not that complicated.  Heck, I did it.  You can too.

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