Sunday, July 21, 2013

Corrections Of Course

Continuing with the whole explorer/navigator theme, consider what may have become of Cortez or Columbus if they had been off by a few degrees when they embarked on their voyages?  When sailing, one is constantly checking and re-checking the ship's heading, making course corrections all along the way.  Where might they have ended up if they had gotten lazy or sloppy?  What would the world map look like today if Columbus landed in Newfoundland or Brazil instead of the Bahamas?  Our world might be a different place.

Sometimes it's difficult to tell what kind of progress we're making with regard to weight loss and health.  I know in my own life there have been many times where I've hit a plateau, or even gone up a pound or two (or five), and I start to ask questions: "So what?  Is it really that important?  I don't feel all that different - it's not like I'm sick or anything.  Does it really matter how much I weigh?"

At moments like these, I need to make a mental course correction and reorient myself toward health.  Because YES, it matters!

Dr. A says:
"In a state of non-sickness, time is against you.  It may go unnoticed until one day you're so fatigued that you finally go to your doctor and find out you have diabetes.  Your health path has led you from non-sick to sick...  The good news is that the non-sick can usually reach optimal health in a relatively short amount of time." -Dr. A's Habits of Health, p. 12
Mental course corrections, made repeatedly over time, result in physical course corrections: every pound lost, every inch of body measurement, every dress size - each of these is a degree of physical course correction that may seem trivial now, but is going to pay off big time later on in life (even now, your body is thanking you as inflammation subsides, blood pressure reduces, insulin stabilizes, and pressure on joints starts to lift).

Sometimes you're just a degree off your heading, and the course correction is a minor one; sometimes you've let yourself drift, and have to do a 180.  In any case, these course corrections - made daily if necessary - are what will ensure you maintain your heading toward optimal health.

What's your bearing?  Where's your head at?  How's your body?  Are you healthy, sick, or somewhere in between?  Are you pointed in the right direction?  That all depends on your goals I suppose, but if your goals include things like health and longevity, then the direction you're headed today makes all the difference in the world.

The journey is long, and is bound to pass through troubled waters, unexpected storms, and for many, uncharted territory.  Check your heading, and correct your course.  Someday soon, you'll discover a new world of optimal health.

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