Friday, June 28, 2013

I Get What I Want!

Tour De France!  Tour Divide!

Can you imagine the sacrifice and dedication required to simply show up at the starting line for these races?  How do these people do it?

Answer:  They want it.  And we all get what we want.

Oversimplification?  Perhaps.  When I lived in Colorado, I wanted to be fit & healthy.  At least in theory.  But I also wanted that Big Fish Burrito from Illegal Pete's, and I wanted the full rack from Tracy's Rib House in Longmont.  And when I somehow found myself at the ordering counter at either of these establishments, which "want" do you think I satisfied?

Ah, Colorado.  The thick years.

More recently, I decided to take my fit & healthy want more seriously.  I kicked it up the priority list. I wrote my "want" on paper and kept it in my wallet; I wrote it on the bathroom mirror so each morning my first thought was "oh yeah, that"; I cast it in concrete, set it in stone, and made that stone the foundation for all my other, less important wants.  Like ribs & burritos.

"Fit & healthy" does not happen on its own.

Now that I'm a healthy weight and on the path to longevity, do I still want things like ribs & burritos?  Sure I do.  Heck, Joe's Real BBQ is a ten minute drive from my house.  Does my shadow darken Joe's doorway?  Not in recent memory.  Why?  Because my want for ribs is subjugated to my want to create a long healthy life.

In short, I changed my wants.

Look, I realize this may seem like fiction as you look at your own life.  I certainly thought "healthy weight" was fantasy.  But I did it.  And you can too.

If you have unwanted girth, rolls, chins, or handles in your life, I can help.  It's what I do.  Contact me and let's change your wants together.  Because we all get what we want.

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