Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tour Divide 2015 - Be Prepared

Quick post.  In the name of being prepared for this crazy Tour, I'm taking a NOLS Wilderness First Aid course this weekend at REI.  It's a two-day course, and today was day one.  Holy cow, it's like drinking from a fire hose!  And this is the 101-level "introductory" course.

Don't get me wrong - the course is great and the instructors are awesome.  I just didn't know how much I didn't know!  Hopefully, once all the new info has had a chance to soak in, I will at the very least know what everything in my First Aid kit is for.

And who knows?  Maybe someday I can put some of this information to use helping someone besides myself.

In the mean time, I need to get ready for bed.  Tomorrow is day two.

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